Why do I feel so sick n nervous when I have to drive any tips?

Okay so I'm 19 and I have been learning how to drive I'm okay driving to places if I know how to get there but if I don't know where it's at I feel so nervous and sick I took the permit and failed but I've been practicing more and I feel sick every time o have to drive n I can't drive a lone help please any tips


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  • Sick meaning nausea? It's intimidating to drive, as you drive more you'll get more comfy. When I first started driving my mom to the city on the interstate I got so nervous I had panic attacks so I had to take a l


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  • Don't reflect on past mistakes you've made while driving. You have the think to yourself that this time will be different. Don't beat yourself up over little mistakes; learn to forgive yourself. Its fine to make a few mistakes every now and again. If your that nervous take a friend with you to drive with to new places. I'm like you and I always take a friend with me to new places, if I don't have a friend available I take a GPS, if you get that nervous and shaky pull over on the side of the road until you've calmed down.
    If it makes you feel any better I nearly hit a car on the round about and still passed my driving test lol...

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