Is getting a University degree a big deal?

I mean people say very few people in the world have one.

I definitely feel different. More aware about things.

I didn't do phenomenally well. I used to, but I stopped. Finished with a B.

Should I be proud? My degree was Business.


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  • It depends on the degree because some are more useable than others (Business is useable).

    Studies have shown that degree holders on average earn a million dollars more in their lifetime than non-degree holders and since the recession degree holding jobs have INCREASED whereas non-degree holding jobs have DECREASED.

    • Hmm I think it's not even about the job prospects.

      More about how you feel after getting it. I feel good sorta. I feel like I am more aware of things. I am an educated person. I have an asset in my hands as well of knowledge.

      My grades... one of my years brought it down significantly. But really I have certain skills that I can use even in my every day life.

      Like reading skills. I never could read large amounts of information before I got my degree.

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  • I don't really consider a bachelors to be a degree...
    Masters and a Phd - yes...
    So I guess it is a big deal, but only if you've chosen wisely and can get a job with it. If not then... it's tough. It's still a lot of hard work put into it, but just... for nothing. :(

    • a bachelors is a degree, objectively.

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    • For engineering? yeah.

      That's because some of their programs have a mandatory requirement for them to work while completing their degree. Sometimes it's a 1-year internship other times it's multiple 4-month terms.

    • Oh... Well, where I live bachelors is 3 years and then another 3 or 4 years for the masters (depending on what you're studying) and then another year (or another 3 years) of internship or specialization...
      It differs a lot from country to country. Very interesting.

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  • No, it isn't. Call me elitist, but unless you're in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, your degree isn't really going to mean squat in the real world.

    I've seen Harvard graduates who work at Starbucks. And I've seen guys who dropped out of high school and they're doing well as self-taught computer programmers and mathematicians.

    • If you can succeed in computing and mathematics as a self-taught highschool drop out, doesn't that mean getting a STEM degree isn't a big deal either?

    • Love it @Laura_Marx.

      Business is actually a good degree. Lots you can do with it.

      I think for me it's about personal achievement. Like I'm wondering... did I work hard enough? Am I a better version of myself kind of thing

    • @Laura_Marx I meant working in STEM, not necessarily getting a STEM degree. To me, most degrees are toilet paper and a waste of time and money. The reason why I'm getting a master's degree myself is because it's an engineering one and not the humanities.

  • Only a big deal if you major in gender studies.

  • Not really anymore.

    • You again.

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    • You have the nerve to call me 'not book smart' when you display the intelligence of a five year child who plays hide and seek by hiding behind a curtain that doesn't hide his shoes.

    • I guess you're right. Now I feel really dumb. :(

  • Yes. Getting a degree is a huge deal. It's an accomplishment that not many people can boast about.


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  • A degree is now considered the entry-level requirement for a job. My High School degree is practically useless, I can't even get jobs. It's even more important if you plan on moving overseas, which will require for you to have a college degree to get many entry-level work. Apprenticeship based jobs are winding down. This isn't the 70's,80's or early 90's any more where you can just walk into a store and say 'HEY! I want to apply for a job!"

    • Do your grades matter?

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    • I understand that. I feel as though a lot of my experiences honed me to be the person I am today, I guess it's the same for you.

      I guess I need to stop with thinking about other people and comparing myself to them. It's driving me crazy. I don't know why I'm like this but I feel like I'm making myself miserable for no reason.

      I'm wondering if I should seek some therapy for this. I get what you mean about being bullied and harassed I went through a lot of that. I took 2 years off in the middle of school and I was judged, put-down, treated as though i was nothing it was a nightmare.

    • You don't need therapy. You just need to practice better habits and set standards and values for yourself. You obsessing over that is just you abusing yourself. But I can understand that because I've been in that position many of times. I just put my faith , concerns and worries in God's hands and learn to stand up and walk as he orders my steps. You have to have the courage to live and move forward in life. After a while, you will begin to see how easy it is to do even the must hardest things in life. You have to have trust. And believe that you can do it. But take one step at a time. Your just stressed out. But don't let it get to you.

  • Unless you have a special skill where you can create your own business and comfortably survive as well as retire, then yes, getting a university degree is a big deal. It's a key to helping you sustain your life in a world where you need money to live.

    • I don't even think it's about the money part of it, although that will come in to play.

      It's more about the personal achievement. Like did I achieve something? Am I a better version of myself. Stuff like that

    • It is though. If you're from America, you don't qualify for many jobs that offer a mid level or even high level salary if you don't have a degree. You might be feeling like it's about your personal feelings of self-esteem and achievement, but there's a bigger picture going on. Sure, college and the process of getting a degree can make you a better version of yourself but that really depends on what you're doing with your mind and heart during that time.

    • I agree there's a bigger picture.

      I sometimes also feel though that University should also be about just going for you. I know I wasn't good at some of my quant. courses. But I enjoyed a lot of my qualitative courses, it was so interesting.

      The qualitiative courses I took it made me feel better. I liked going to classes and learning. I know everyone used to laugh at me in my quant. courses because they thought this girl is not going to be able to do it, but whatever. They're not paying my tuition.

      I was actually a really lonely sad person but some of my coursework in areas I actually liked helped me be less... dependent on others.

  • B is good!! why are you disappointed with a B?

    I never went to university, I couldn't afford it, I will never get to go to university, I trained to be a line cook and I'm fine with that.

    • My major GPA was lower, it was a high B-.

      You know in all honesty when I was in school, I remember comparing myself to other people. I was never proud of myself. Someone's in engineering, someone's in a better business program, someone else is doing better... it never stopped.

      I didn’t have any good friends, they all used to talk shit. My peers too, some of them looked down on me I think they thought I wasn’t as smart. My professors were amazing, I do have them to thank for a lot of my growth, they were really good to me. But I had my fair share of bad memories.

      I guess what I tried to learn from it, is that if I’m doing school it’s for me. Not to prove something to someone. I should stop trying to look at it as that. It was so hard for me to stop doing that.

    • Now I feel so confused. I wish I had stopped making it about other people.

      Thank you for your encouragement. I think University is confusing. I'd be lying if I said it was nothing but it is not all that it is cracked up to be as well.

      I know it sounds really really cliche, but happiness is what matters at the end of it. I went through a phase of depression in University that resulted in me taking 2 years off. I was so depressed I'd be crying for hours and hours every day. And for what? Because I didn't think I was good enough which was put into my brain by other people to begin with?

      I sometimes feel as though people partied and had fun and I never did any of those things. But now I have time for myself. I try going outside like I went for dance classes the other day. I felt better. I feel a little more free lol

    • oh luv <333333 sounds like it was really stressful for you.

      Yeah, university sounds shitty honestly. Its bullshit that they thought less of you for that <3333 I'm glad you got through it at all, honestly. Anyway, hey, I'm a highschool drop out with only 1 year of training in a trade, I think you're doing okay with a bachelors degree :P

  • If you want to be a doctor-yea.
    It's not needed for everyone..
    Good job on your degree.

  • Absolutely be proud and congrats. Heck, I think I finished with a C average and I'm still proud to have a degree. ☺️

    • Do your marks matter? Honestly I feel like it doesn't.

      But then it confuses me why people study at all. Why slog when it's just a temporary phase and in the end it's all the same

    • In some jobs it matters but on others it's just the diploma...

  • It is to me since I want to learn more about certain things.

  • depends on the degree

  • What university?

    • Does it matter? I used to think it matters but I realized now it really really doesn't.

      Yeah some Universities are harder than others (mine was), but it's more about the skills you learned from the degree

    • I think it does matter. It's just my opinion, but you would be proud of yourself more, if you graduated at a prestigious university. However, you did study business. I think you should be very proud of yourself.

    • Thank you!

      You know I used to think it mattered too but then I realize it didn't.

      I know people who worked maybe even less harder than I did and they went to an even better school. What was the point of going to a better school if they didn't work hard?

      I am also aware there are students from lesser institutions who probably worked harder than I did

  • A degree-depending what it is-will get your foot in the door for some jobs. It's not a bad thing to have, but not as necessary as people think-again depending on the occupation.

    • I feel as though for me it's more about should I be proud from a personal standpoint?

      I used to do really well in school then I stopped in the middle then I went back on track.

      So it's confusing for me.

      I think I am still okay for a masters should I want to do one. In my country an MBA requires a B and above and good GMAT scores

    • I think you should be proud. A degree is an accomplishment and it's not an opportunity everyone can have. As long as you feel good about it, it shouldn't matter. It's not about the grade it's about if you've learned anything, and if you felt like your time was worth it.

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