Is there truly such a thing as a "constitutionalist"?

Or is it merely a sly marketing term designed to generate immediate appeal to people who may not even be familiar with the constitution?

Tell me all about it.


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  • It's just a marketing gimmick, like "Rain Forest Granola.".

    • I bought some ice cream today. The container was made from a thicker plastic than the ice cream product in the freezer next to it... plus it said "Gourmet" on it. It's gotta be gooood!

    • The only thing better would be "hand crafted artisan" ice cream!

    • Do you know what the difference between a Republican and a "constitutionalist" is?
      The "constitutionalist" is 100% natural... and was cooked in a kettle.

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  • There's a "constitutional party" in this state so I imagine there are in other states as well. So right there I'd say it's more than jargon to some people.


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  • There are very large numbers of Constitutionalists. It can also be used as a marketing term, like anything else that appeals to people politically.

    In the US, it's usually used by people who favor limited (central) government. Personally I think the US government should be about 10% if the size it currently is. And I think the Constitution justifies that, either directly, or with various hints.

    • That's pretty close. :)

      Consider the part of the US Constitution that requires Congress to meet at least one day per year. Their view was of a government that was so limited that they felt the need to require Congress to meet one day a year, lest it all fall apart because there was no business for the federal government to attend to. In my opinion that's one of the most telling lines in the Constitution.

  • Yes. Being one isn't politically expedient so you don't see many of those. This is contrary to your hypothesis.

    • So it's not just a word sprinkled in speeches to attract liberals?

    • If applied correctly, the word REPELS liberals.

      In the case you described, I can see how it's mainly used as fluff to draw a bevy of attention from self-claimed collectivists, because... they really don't know the constitution. They just cherry pick parts, Y'know, the whole "read a paragraph and you read the whole book".

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