Good morning, how is your morning going?

If you read this late
How is your day going
Or how was your morning

My morning has been horrible so far
Our bathroom door broke like a month ago
I repaired it myself and now rarely when you lock the door
And try to unlock it the lock gets stuck.

You have to wait until someone opens the door from the outside while the doors unlocked

This morning i got stuck amd no one was up to let me out
I was yelling im stuck but everyone was sleep
So i laid down in the bathroom thinking i was going to go to bed in there

Then i smelled how bad the bathroom was and started yelling again

Finally my mom heard me
Woke up
And came to the rescue

Technically i haven't slept just had a 40 minute nap

I was stuck for like 30 minutes
More than 30 because its 6:30 and i got up to pee around 5


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  • I'm sick. I got zero sleep last night because I'm so congested I couldn't breathe while lying down. Now I'm about to call in sick for the third day in a row to my job I've had for less than two weeks that I actually like and wanted to make a good impression at.

    • Summer cold
      My mom just had that but it lasted like 2 days

    • No it's a chest infection. Some kind of pneumonia. I had it two weeks ago and now it's back.

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  • Oh wow... Well my morning went like this...

    I woke up
    Made food for work and now
    than I did my make-up
    And than I am heading for working soon
    I have an essay to do when I get home ):

    • Sounds like a busy day:/
      I hate those

  • hahah, we had a similar situation but no one was stuck in there for that long.

    My morning was terrible. I woke up with lower stomach pain.

    • Ow i hate stomach pain
      Stomach pain
      And tooth aches are the worst pain

  • Lol what a morning...

    Mines been kind of uneventful. Feeling a bit low though, not sure why.


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  • Not a good start to the day for you - It is just coming up to noon here, it has been a quiet morning just chilling, doing a bit of work and some time on GaG.

    • Oh you're time zones different

  • It went fine. Kind of overcast today. Sitting at work, working atm.

    • Work
      I dont like that word
      But it sounds better than school

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    • Ugh wish I could take a year off
      School starts in 20 days and im already ready for summer again

    • Bummer... well good luck dude.

  • What broke? Hinge is fucked so the door sticks or the lock is fucked.

    • Im not sure what exactly is wrong all i know is
      Sometimes when you lock and close the door you're stuck until someone lets you out

  • You've got a crazy morning