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A long while back, I was reading about some guy who found out in his mid-late 20's that he was a missing child since he was a toddler (too young for him to remember). He had been raised into believing his kidnappers were his parents and his name was changed at the time.

Basically a couple kidnapped him from his real parents who have been searching for him for years, who many assumed he was dead. If that was you, what would be your reaction?


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  • I'd be pretty mindfucked ;-).
    Assuming that my kidnapper-parents have treated me well and with love and care, I would probably still love them. Perhaps I could even forgive them if they had a good explanation for their actions (forgiving someone doesn't mean you condone the action). I mean... let's be honest: adopted children also consider their social parents "parents", although they didn't biologically bring them into this world. I think what truly counts is that you treat the child with as much love as you possibly can.
    However, I would of course also want to meet my "real", biological parents and get to know them. If I was underage, I might want to choose which parents to live with but since this guy was already in his mid-20s, that wasn't really an issue for him I assume.

    • Yeah the guy loved his kidnapper-parents and they even spend money on his college education as well. Indeed tough situation. On one hand, they raised you, fed you and loved you but on the other, they pretty much ruined a couple's life.
      I ended that they were both forgiven in the end.

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  • Like any fostered, adopted, orphaned or even kidnapped kid I'd want to know and find my real parents and in this case file charges

    • Yeah, I can't imagine what he must have been feeling. On one hand you've been raised by these strangers, cared for, fed and they came to loving you but on the other hand, they took you away from your real parents.

    • It's criminal anyway you look at it. Even if they sent him to Harvard and he became super successful they still need locked up

  • Utter disgust. I would demand to know where I was taken from and find my real parents. And I'd bring the kidnappers to justice.


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