What happens to kites that get lost?

Are they dangerous like they can go on a plane windshield and the pilot can't see where he's flying or the string can tangle round a bird and it can't flap it's wings.


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  • They won't make it far up there, the farthest a kite can go is a tree or the ocean and inside a poor whales stomach. Play with caution!!! ⛔️⚠️‼️‼️‼️‼️


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  • They go on avian murder sprees.

  • They end up in our lakes, rivers and oceans.

    • ... I see them when I am SCUBA diving sometimes, just like balloons and other garbage.

    • Aww that's sad. I wanted to buy a kite but I'm scared of something bad happening. I didn't think about oceans and stuff. Can it kill fishes?

    • I guess it is altogether possible but entirely unlikely. It is just more junk collecting in our waterways though.

      As long as you are careful, it should not be a problem.

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