Do you get the joke?

Do you get the joke?
Kudos if you do :P


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  • Damn it I don't. :'( I sent it to my boyfriend because he probably knows and would get it.

    After looking up I know why I have never heard of it. I never played pokemon red though I really should one day just because of Lavender town. Still seeing the description of what the silph scope is I get the joke. :D


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  • Out of all the pokemon knowledge in the world, I have about.023%.
    There's ole Pikachu, the one in the egg, Charizard/Charmander, Squirtle, Mewtew, the evil cat, the colorfuly stupid evil people, Ash, eyebrows man, teen girl, the one with the flower on his back, and the water pokemon, that fox, the horse on fire, the butterfly, the bat, the rock gollem, Snorlax, that damn purple mouse-ratatata, that damn bird-piggy, Jigglypuff and much more :D

    • Well, the one in the picture is called "Ghastly".
      The one in the egg? What do you mean?
      The evil cat is a "Meowth". The one with a flower on its back is a "Venusaur". The water pokemon, well, there are a lot of those. I think you mean either "Staryu" or "Slowpoke", possibly "Psyduck". The foxes with several tails are the "Vulpix" and the "Ninetales". The one with a single tail is called "Eevee". The horse on fire is a "Rapidash" (one of my faves). The butterfly could either be a "Venomoth" or a "Butterfree", possibly a "Beautyfly". The bat is the "Zubat" or the "Golbat". The rock gollem could either be a "Geodude" or a "Graveler", the mouse is called "Rattata" and the bird is "Pidgey".

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    • He's not Ghastly, he is Haunter.

    • @YourFutureEx Ah, yes, you're right, my bad.

  • no i don't get it


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