Why do people respect those who study so much?

You know personally... I used to be one of those people. Actually more like I was smart and studied when I had to.

But I also became less inclined to study after personal experiences in my life.

It made me more sympathetic somewhat towards bad students. You never know why they're doing badly. Part of it is capability, part of it is lack of motivation, maybe not liking their program.

Would I want to be friends with those people? Probably not. But I don't think they deserved disrespect either.

Let's say there is a guy or girl who happened to win the birth lottery and was blessed with the ability to have a high aptitude for subjects like Math and also studies because he/she is just good at studying.

Doesn't mean that person is a good person. It just means he/she is building a future for themselves which he/she will profit from.

Personally, I've known some really smart people who are super humble. Known some shit students who are awful people. But I don't respect or respect them for their personality not their GPA.


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  • Being so motivated to study and not lazy is what people respect for hard work and effort being applied mostly, not that it all comes naturally

    • Hmm.

      I know this guy who studies a lot. But he is a horrible horrible person. He thinks just because he is smarter and that he studies more, he can manipulate others and treat them however he wants. I know he's using his girlfriend for attention and is going to dispose of her sooner or later and marry a nice girl from a rich family.

      That's what makes me mad. Sure I get that he studied harder and he's smarter. Doesn't mean everyone else is sitting there twiddling their thumbs and passing through life with no hard work.

      Everyone is working hard and studying. Maybe not as much as he is, but they're doing it in their own way. Some people have to work part-time jobs while they study. Or even if they're not working hard, that's because their parents didn't instil in them a sense of what matters most in the world which is building a life for yourself. Not that it's always the parents fault though.

    • If that guy doesn't want to associate with other people who are not as clever or focused as he is, that's his choice. It doesn't give him the right to be rude or use people like that

    • No that's true, your right, he dosent have to be like that or use them but not much you can really do about it. Sorry took a while to get back to you but I was busy at work

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  • Well, yes, it doesn't mean person is a good person if he/she can grasp difficult subjects well.
    People respect them because of work which they had put. Without studying they couldn't be that educated in subjects they are interested in just because they are blessed with some aptitude.

    • Some people just don't like studying. They're not wired that way.

      It doesn't mean they're not hard-working. I know some people who would any day take working outside in the sun for 9-5 rather than studying indoors and landing a job which may be in an office environment but also makes them miserable because it's not their forte.

      Another part of it is age. I know people who have gone to medical school and maybe at that time when they were in their 20s they were focused people, but that time is long gone.

      Now even when they're 40-year old adults, people treat them better than the average person based on work they did years and years ago.

      I guess it's just the way the world works. No point trying to find justice in certain things lol

    • Oh, now I see what you want to say.
      I had a very good math professor (I still think he is the best) in first year and he always had been saying:" There is people who work no logical thinking required works and are good at it and society need these people that would do these jobs, even need more than some incompletely educated bioengineer students in math. Education won't make you better."
      I always agreed to him.
      And I partly agree, that high education having people will be seen with better light than uneducated. In Lithuania many studients enroll to uni just to get a paper, unfortunatelly. That they wouldn't be seen as unsuccessful, I suppose.

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  • Hard work is respected. When you are attentive to your studies you are generally perceived to be attentive to your responsibilities. People appreciate and respect that. It doesn't mean that you can't be respected for other things. Athletes are respected for their discipline in training and practice. Teachers are often respected for their dedication. Doing nothing, goofing off, not managing your responsibilities or trying to get ahead in life are generally things that don't generate much respect.

    • I wonder if a part of it is culture too.

      In my culture, education is treated as so special, that an educated person can literally do whatever he/she wants and people will still respect him/her more. Even if that person is 100% wrong in their behaviour.

      So a lot of people are motivated to study not because they actually care so much about building a better life, but to get that kind of status. And once they get it, they spend their whole life acting as though they are better than others.

      I know someone who worked hard at a top program. She hasn't worked a day in her life for years now. And she still goes around telling people she went to that program because it's the only thing she's got. In my culture, they still treat her better than someone who is going to school and paying for it themselves.

      It's so weird.

      I agree with your premise however. Hard work should be respected, not the results itself. Hard work which is perseverant and has a purpose

  • They think studying deserves respect

    • Do you agree? I think it does deserve respect to an extent. It's not an easy thing to do.

      But lots of things aren't easy to do. If I watch an athlete on television sometimes I wonder how much time and effort it took for that person to get to that stage.

      They're also working hard just in a different way. But they don't really get the same respect that people who study a lot do

    • No I don't agree but it does deserve respect to some extent