How much would you charge for dog walking?

I'm thinking of maybe dog walking for people to make some extra money. What is a fair price to ask for?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'd do that shit for free, dogs are awesome!

    • lol yeah that's true

    • I should be paying people to take their dogs out and play with them, brush them and give them treats lol

    • Yeah, I can't wait to get one!

What Girls Said 1

  • hi, personally for me if you were walking my dog on a one to one basis which i would prefer and you were local i would pay 10 pounds for an hour if i was sure it was a great time they were having. also something to consider is if your good, kind and reliable if i was going away i would prefer you may house sit for me instead of kennels. people can make a great business out of dog walking and house sitting. if you take on small friendly dogs you could drop your price by taking a few together. on a more boring note you should look into public liability insurance and cover for yourself, reason i mention it my friend walks a dog for someone and it got attacked badly and my friend was injured intervening for your own sake incase anything happens, good luck xx

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