My best friend wants to know if?

Ok so my best friend has missed her period and is wanting to know if y'all girls can help her out with a list of homeade pregnancy tests and how accurate they are?



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  • There is no home made ones, just go to the drug store and buy one

    • Well what about those Bleach and Sugar tests I've heard of them but she ain't sure if they actually work

    • Only a real pregnancy test is going to work, nothing homemade is going to work or be at all accurate, what's so hard about buying one? You don't need a prescription or be a certain age, if it's the cost I think you can get them free at the clinic

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  • hi there aren't any apart from going past your period date and not coming on... she really needs to buy a test at her due period date and go from there really...


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  • One would ask why the store is not an option

  • i can only tell you this, in the middle ages women pissed on a female frog if they thought they were pregnant, and if that same female frog was pregnant after they pissed on it after a couple then you are pregnant too. it supposedly worked 100% but dont ask me how you find the same frog back.

    • No lol what im asking is how u know its female

    • i dont know lol.

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