Why is it that every time a girl knows how to fight, she mentions about the guy that taught her?

I noticed this in the Ever After movie. She tells the older guy (after cutting him with a sword) that kept her captive:
My father was a good swordsman. He taught me well.

Over here just recently, a girl mentioned about her make cousin and a guy friend teaching her.

One time when I was in HS, some girl actually broke a male bully's nose. Right afterwards, she said something like:
You're still lucky I'm my grandfather. He was my first mentor.


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  • Because traditionally women are not fighters, hence peole ask "where did you learn that?" So she pre-emptively tells them the answer.

    I dono if thst is total BS i jist made it up lmao...

  • Men are fighters we teach our women how to throw down. Why? Because we are men

  • They learn it from someone older that's usually a man since girls don't usually fight or teach other girls how to


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