If you could change the Calendar system and make it any way you wanted, what would it be like?

Here's how I would do it:

The Calendar system we're familiar with is of course based on one revolution around the sun where each time the Earth makes a full spin on its axis is a day. The month is the time it takes for the moon to revolve around the Earth once and the days are based on the biblical account where God made Earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th.

The problem with the month-year system is that a lunar cycle is 30.4 days which doesn't fit evenly into a year which lasts 36.25 days. This means that the months don't line up with the year.

But here's my solution. First lets change the New Years Date. Instead of on the 1st of January, it would be on the winter solstice. From there months would be divided by the equinox and solstices so instead of 12 there would be four.

But what about the moon?

Well while the months in our current calendar system restart at the beginning of the year. However weeks don't. If December 31st was on a Wednesday January 1st doesn't reset to Monday, it's still Thursday. So why not have weeks based on the lunar cycle. Each week would start on the New Moon and would be subdivided into four sections separated by the full and half moons. Each day of the week would have a format where it the first part of the day name would be determined if the Moon was waxing or waning and the second part would be determined by whether the moon is a crescent of Gibbous. The last part of the name would be ordered like the days of the week within each quarter of the lunar cycle. So for the First day of the quarter of the lunar cycle would called Monday the second Tuesday etc...

So would have names like Waxcresmonday, Wangibtuesday etc...

What do you think :)


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  • So it seems like... you're taking the lunar month (= the cycle from one full moon to the next, also called a "synodic month") and calling it a "week"?


    In other words, your "weeks" are EXACTLY the same as the months of the Islamic calendar -- which are also lunar cycles that start with a new moon. For instance, Ramadan is one of your "weeks" as defined here.

    As you observed, a year isn't a whole number of lunar cycles, so, these cycles don't neatly line up into a year.
    Specifically, 12 of your "weeks" -- which is the same thing as 12 lunar months -- is about 10-11 days shorter than a full year.
    This is the reason why the Islamic calendar is 10-11 days "earlier" every consecutive year (so, for instance, Ramadan will start and end 10 or 11 days "earlier" according to the American calendar).

    So, in other words, you've basically reinvented the Islamic calendar, except you've called the months "weeks" instead of calling them months. (The word "month" comes from "moon", hence the original name.)

    The only difference is that you've also added the concept of the solar year, which doesn't exist at all in the Islamic calendar. (The Islamic months just keep rotating around, getting 10-11 days "earlier" every year -- that calendar has literally NO features that are tied to the solar year, or to the solstices or equinoxes.)


    The only thing I'm left wondering -- Right now, yr current system has no units of time between 1 day and 1 "week"/lunar month (= 29.5 days).
    How would you do "work weeks" and "weekends"? Would yr system actually have people working for, like, 20 days in a row and then 9-10 days off?
    ... or would you divide yr "weeks" into 4 parts, which would pretty much give us normal weeks again?


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  • I've never thought aabout it I'd probably keep it the way it is just to not confuse anyone

  • I'd put the same amount of days in each month for consistency.

  • The notion of "day" has nothing to do with the bible. It's the time it takes our planet to spin around its own axis once. This is something that humans knew long before the bible existed.

  • there wouldn't be months they would be replaced by the seasons. summer, fall, winter, spring and day numbers would be determind by the number of days between them and Christmas wouldn't be in the middle of winter ether id have more so called observed holidays even the not observed ones would be, for more paid time away from work for example: movie celebrating day, video game celebrating day, adult day.

  • I always thought 29 days in a month & 13 months would work out fine.


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