Why dose everyone stab me in the back?

Everyone who has ever claimed to be my freind... people i was close with... people that claim to give a shit... people id do anything for. I dont whant to become an asshole but it seems like every new "freind" i make just ends up becoming another knife to add to the collection, i just dont know what i should do anymore.


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  • then those aren't your real friends and you need to surround yourself with people who care and love you

    • can't seem to find any

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    • Sorry i guess i worded that weird im not in school i graduated.. sort of anyway, and never started college

    • oh... well go on this site it's called meetup where you join a group based on your interest

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  • Because they could and they if they wanted to they would.

    You just can't trust anybody these days. Maybe if you are able to find a weakness or two that you can take advantage of them for or just something that you could use in order to hold leverage against them from ever fucking you over, or should they ever fuck you over.

    Such as that if they were to ever fuck you over then they would automatically get fucked over in return or something.

    Because once you get fucked over them and you didn't do anything to take precautionary measures on how they would turn on you, then it has already happened. Never ever let your guard down.

    Sometimes, you may not see it coming and could not have been prepared for it to happen , and even if you were to find a way to fuck them back for fucking you over first, it doesn't change the fact that it still had happened as they had fucked you over first.


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  • I had a few backstabbers too.
    You just cannot trust anyone these days. Hell, could anyone trust anybody at any time?
    I don't think so.
    People will look for ways to take advantage over you. They will try to scam you and they will try to get what they want from you. This is humanity mate!
    True friends are rare! Don't beat yourself over this.