Did I make a fool of myself at school?

I went through this 'mad' phase at school where I'd act like I was better than everyone. I wasn't doing well. I was getting Cs and Ds. I just... was crazy.

I remember almost talking back to a prof. I remember correcting people's presentations. I don't know what had gotten into me I became a bitch.

I remember asking a prof for a reference for law school how the heck am I supposed to get in with those grades.

I know why I was acting out like that. I was once a good student but that time was gone.

I feel embarrassed when I see my classmates who put up with me. They probably hate me. Or they feel well she behaved like a mad girl and now she's a total loser with no prospects employment wise.

ANd this was business school no less.


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  • Doesn't sound too bad to me


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  • Everyone has their ups and downs, and trust me when I say that real friends are the ones who will stick by you instead of judging you. Never mind others who 'hate' you, and never assume that they do.

    Bear in mind to always be humble, that's how you learn. Everyone will have a crazy phase in life, not just in school, so get over it gurl! Now that you've seen what went wrong, it's high time you stop acting like you're better than everyone, because no successful person will do that. Act the way in which you wish to be treated. Business school can be competitive, but by no means should you see or feel the need to put anyone down, including yourself.

    Try not to mind too much about people's opinions, but on improving yourself. Good luck! :)

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