Girls, do you ever feel bad about feeling pretty?

Okay so I've been wondering why I feel like I'm not allowed to feel pretty or confident, like there's been multiple times when I've been in front of a mirror in the morning doing my hair and makeup or whatever and sometimes I'm like hey I actually look decent today and then some little voice in my head decides to tell me that I'm being vain and self absorbed.

I've asked multiple people if they think I'm self absorbed and all of them said I'm pretty much the opposite of self absorbed, according to most people that know me I'm too selfless I guess which I never really thought I was but I guess I am? Anyways..

Is feeling pretty or being confident about yourself considered vanity or being self absorbed?


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  • Nope! I like me. I like the way I look. If anyone else has a problem with that, it's really more their problem than mine :)

    You don't need permission to look and feel good. It's your body and your self. No one can decide those things for you or about you except you.

    • I have a hard time feeling pretty, I think that's a lot of my problem.

    • Well, then start working on it. Write down things you like about yourself and then when you feel down you can look at all the good things and feel better :)

    • That's actually a pretty good idea, I might try that.

  • People often mistake confidence for arrogance.
    But it's really good in my opinion to be confident, i encourage the people around me to be confident and I'm pretty confident about my own looks too, but if you go around saying I'm so pretty, i look so great I'm perfect, then it's different that would be kind of vain...

    • That's true, but for some reason I have this weird thing where I feel like I'm not allowed to be confident and I have no idea why I feel that way, I just do.

      I've wondered before if maybe it's because I used to get teased and I still do sometimes by people about all kinds of things: my weight, my clothes, the size of my boobs, the way I wear my hair.. all sorts of things and some of the teasing even came from a friend who told me my boobs were too small and I shouldn't wear certain shirts because of it and that I wear my makeup too thick even though I only wear eyeliner and mascara (sorry I know I'm rambling about this too much) and aside from her insulting my boobs, clorhing, and makeup she decided to tell me that the dress I wore to my first high school dance ever made me look like an old lady because of the length (she said I was being prude and not showing off enough leg, the dress came down about 3 inches from my knee and I thought it looked fine..)

  • Not really, it only happens about once a month so I just kind of enjoy that whole two hours of bliss. Almost everyone deserves to feel attractive. I don't see any harm or negativity in it unless someone starts to think they're so great that they look down on everyone else, and you don't seem the type to do that based on what you wrote in your question.

    • Usually instead of beating down on other people I'm the one being picked on and judged, even a few of my "friends" have said things to me that are just rude and don't necessarily help low already very low self esteem.. and for some reason I feel like I don't deserve to feel pretty or attractive..

      I have a friend who's a guy who always insists that I look at myself in the mirror and I always tell him the same thing: what's there to look at? He's told me multiple times that I'm attractive and for some reason I feel like if I believe him or say thing like yes I am attractive then I feel like that's considered vanity..

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