How can I stop seeing Trump’s name everywhere on the web?

I feel really disgusted. Once I open my browser and I get directed to my homepage, I see about Trump (and the US elections in general, but Trump is the one who’s on the spotlight almost always). And every time I get into an American site I read about him again! Like here in GAG. Like I give a shit about the US elections. I don’t live there, so why do I have to read about Trump and their elections?


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  • I suppose it is going to a feature for next few months since GaG has definitely widened its base to include social, political and trending topics. Last figure I heard is that 54% of users are American so you would expect their political stories to feature most. This week was the worst because of the Republican convention and next week is the Democratic, it might settle a bit after that till election.


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  • Did it bother you when it was Obama's name everywhere on the web? This is simply the followup, or is it the backlash.

    Suggestion: tune the news out.

  • It's trending news.

    • And the Blue Lives Matter picture... and this... WHY-DO-I-HAVE-TO-SEE-IT...

    • You choose to look at it.