Calling all computer nerds and geeks lol can you help a brotha out?

So I keep getting the stupid BSOD with stop errors and sometimes it says that my hard drive is not detected and it passes the Pre-Boot assement. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Pics of what I'm talking about:

Laptop runs Windows 7. Got it in 2009 when I graduated high school. Yeah I probably need a new one but kinda wanna get this one fixed too if I can.

@DooMguy you got any suggestions? Lol


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  • Sounds like a misconfiguration issue:

    I googled it for you when I typed in "bad_system_config_info"

    Try and see if any of these videos can help resolve the problem you are currently experiencing or not.

  • this picture here is the one you want

    It's probably that the SATA data/power cable that has gone wrong. What I'd do is try to boot from a flash just to check that the hardware is ok. You should just do what it says and "reseat" if first though. Basically take it out and put it back in

    remember use anti-static if you work on the internals

    There's a chance that the HDD could've failed and you might need to replace it. Also remember that Sata cables for laptops are the all-in-ones (if you know what I mean)

    • Thats dude!!! I'll guess I'll try it and see hahah

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    • the service pack? Ugh, don't remind me. I remember having to install vista service packs a long time ago. The auto-update didn't work so it all had to be done manually. Looks like it'll be smooth sailing then

      I. T. is love I. T. is life, maybe one day I'll get to operate a super computer. . . (a man can dream)

    • Yeah the service pack. Windows 10 has been great hopefully it stays that way haha

  • I have no clue.. Perhaps try other forum that are good at coputers. Toms hardware forum perhaps