What should I do send a request or just continue on?

Its gonna be weird but I'm type of nostalgic guy that has a good memory. I use to have a crush on a girl on 5th grade and when she asked me if I like her I said no with all my childish stupidity because I didn't now what love was. That year she moved and I never saw her since.

Now I'm 21 and I still remember her name and checked to see if she had a facebook today. I think I found her, she looks similar... but I'm afraid to send a request or message to check if its her or not because its so weird she will think I'm someone who is creppy.

What should I do? Any advices?

More opinions please?


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  • I'd move on bro. I'd be creeped out and I think you feel like it would be creepy so call it quits.

    • But wouldn't you normally forget after all that time... why do I remember her?

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    • I think you just need to accept that time is over and move on.

    • No I do accept that but back than I was 11 years old now I'm 21 and lots of things have changed in my life. I realize this and want to talk with people I have shared memories with... she just has a place there which is the reason why I haven't forgotten and I think if I got that person back in my life again I would be happier.

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  • "hey, childhood Romeo saying hi"
    Drop this, I am sure you could both share a laugh at the past

    • No lol I need a more safer way to approach cuz I don't know if she is exactly it. I just remember her named and searched it and saw someone that looked similar. Should I message to see she if she remembers me or should I just add.

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    • Haha we use to argue with her every time but never admitted when somebody said do you like each other. So your saying just send in the request she will remember?

    • Yes filler

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  • he probably won't, but what if she thinks you're creepy. So what?

    • She probably won't. . .

    • It basically means nothing for me if she thinks or not... I'm just weirded out from the situation where it will end if I took a step because from all that time passing its like we are strangers.

    • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • I think I went to 5th grade with you. My name is X do you remember me.
    That's not creepy.

    • Yea when you look at it from that way its just normal curiosity to see if its that person.