Mind reader or?

Okay so I was sitting in one of my favorite classes, and i was thinking to myself how the teacher NEVER lets us do group work, and 2 secs later BAM, for the first time in a longgg time he initiates group work.
That same day in the same class, I was daydreaming, (because the teacher wasn't concentrating on my table and more focusing on another table), i was thinking to myself "he never picks me wth, does he think im that dumb" and bam, after he asks a question he called my name to answer it and said it was "perfect"...
Other thingss like this have happened with him but i can't remember, could he be a mind reader, if so im screwed jhahah

  • You crazy, his def nots
  • Your not crazy, but he isn't
  • Your not crazy, and he totally is
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  • It could be that he is. I have psychic powers too a little bit.

    • I dont know with him i feel this werid connection, as though i can feel what his feeling, its werid to be in his presence

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    • Thank you for MHO!💞💞

    • All good Hun 💞💞

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