What's your favorite memory?

... not necessarily from childhood. It can be anytime during your lifetime


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  • Proposing to my wife of 18 years


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  • The recent one is from a week ago.
    I was in my sister's in law's place and her sister in law's husband came to visit as well.

    That day my sister's husband decides to go to his friend's place with my brother to do their music video.

    And the rest of us were home.

    After more than 7 hours, we (My sister, her sister in law's husband and of course me) were just waiting for him to get back home/ kind missing those two almost :D

    So finally we decided to call.

    Sister in law's husband dials the number and puts it on speaker.

    And we were pretending to be mad.

    My sister's husband said, "Oh we are here. Just one minute... just one minute okay..." and so on in a funny voice.

    Then, in the background my brother started to do a countdown, 10, 9, 8.. etc

    We thought he was joking but when they reached 3, the brother in law (sister's sister in law's husband, omg too long), my sister and I rushed to the big window to see if they could actually make it by 1.

    And when my brother said 1, the car pulled up. :D

    I don't know why, I felt so happy.
    Not because he finally came home but because the way we rushed to the scene.

    It reminded me how important family is.
    I was kind of too busy with my books, and phone there, so that moment was a refreshment.


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  • having a girlfriend and the things she did and let me do to her. she was soo sweet.


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