What are the most annoying misuse of words and phrases?

what are your most hated misuses of language?
here's a few of mine.

"i could care less"
it's "i couldn't care less" to say that you COULD care less, is to say that you do care at least enough to care less than you currently do..

saying "was" when you should be saying "were"
"we was going to the bar", "was you meaning to do that?"

saying "literally" for emphasis.
"i'm literally so angry right now" as apposed to what? being fugitively angry?

saying "literally" when you specifically don't mean something literally!
"he literally screamed his head of at me" that must have been messy.
"I literally pissed my self laughing".. is that really what you're trying to say?

double negatives!
"we don't need no education".. you clearly do..


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm literally so guilty of one of these infractions.
    I promise I'm not a grammar cop! BUT
    I dislike the use of the word "post" as apposed to "supposed" It happens.
    "Then" rather than "than" "I'm happier then you know." What?
    "Mines" versus simply "mine"
    This isn't a misuse, but when people leave out the needed "is" or "are", it's very :/ I just don't like it.
    "You crazy" "We done." vs "You are crazy." "We are done."
    WAIT THIS ONE IS THE WORST! Saying "scary" vs "scared" You so scary." "You are so scared."
    A lot of this is being in the South I guess.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It made me nauseous instead of it made me nauseated.


    It's used as belonging to it


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What Girls Said 2

  • "I could care less" - should be "I couldn't care less".

    "Irregardless" rather than just "Regardless".

    "For all intensive purposes" should be "for all intents and purposes".

    "I feel nauseous" should really be "I feel nauseated". This one's pretty much a lost cause, though.

    It's not "conversating"; it's "conversing".

    I'm doing "good" vs. I'm doing "well".

    There's more, but those are the ones I can think of right now.

  • I seen that" instead of "I saw that" or "I have seen that".

    When writing, mixing up "loose" and "lose". Jesus Christ people, it's not that hard.

    "Would/should/could of" instead of "should HAVE".

    Oh and totally agree with you on your first two!


What Guys Said 2

  • I ain't done nothing.
    What did you do again?

  • ''I know right?''

    That sounds so annoying

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