Any tips for renting out rooms?

I am currently renting, but i am planning to buy a house and rent out 2 rooms, does anyone have any advice on how to get good roomates etc? I am 20 and I am more mature than most, I guess I am kind of looking for a "family" atmosphere (good friends, ya know what I mean :P)


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  • Well if you're looking for a "family" atmosphere with good friends then obviously only rent to good friends lol but beware, living together will either bring you much closer or basically make you hate each other.

    If you're gonna get people in there who you don't know you have to be careful. Try to only get people who've been recommended by someone who you know and trust, otherwise do thorough background checks on applicants, Google, Facebook and linked in stalk them, get references from previous landlords and call them... also, regardless of who you rent to, have a proper contract done up with specific grounds for eviction and that specifies that you can terminate the tenancy for any reason. Collect first and last month's rent and if they have pets charge an additional security deposit. Be clear from the very start about your expectations with regard to cleanliness, shared responsibilities, use of common spaces, and guests.

    • All of my friends here already have living haha, but i am also probably just gonna do cash, but even then i am still covered if i have a lease agreement yes?

    • Whether they pay by cash, money transfer or cheque really doesn't matter but make damn sure they sign a lease agreement that gives you power to terminate the lease if they don't pay, pay late, are disrespectful or cause damages or other issues for you or the other tenant.

    • I was thinking of that :P Yes I am gonna get one and run by a few people- my dad rents out, i have a REMAX friend, and know someone else who rents and has had his business for 20 years

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  • Just do a background check on your tenants

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