Solely based on Trump's RNC speech would you vote for him?

If you knew nothing else about Trump besides for the speech he gave at the RNC would you vote for him and why?

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  • No
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Pretend that you knew nothing else about Trump


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  • Nope, voting for Gary Johnston

    • What does he offer and do you believe your vote matters when you use for someone with no chance?

    • Well Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are both terrible candidates

    • Still, 3rd party candidates don't have a chance. Its like not voting.

      Back to the question. What didn't you like about Trump' speech? (Remember, you know nothing else about him for this question)

Most Helpful Guy

  • The speech he YELLED for 1 hour?
    Fear mongered about a dystopian america that doesn't exist.
    Said he would cure every ill in America without explaining how?

    lol. dear god no.

    • Cute 'nonny! lol

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    • Policies from the previous years do lead to results later on. Because your out of office when shit hits the fan, doesn't mean you had no fault in it happening.

    • Exactly. Just like ISIS is an offshoot of al queda in iraq which was made possible by george w. bush's war in iraq.

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