Do cops and detectives get emotional at some point?

I know it must be a tough job arresting criminals and solving crimes and murders.

However, can a murder be so horrific that it can make them get emotional even if they're already used to their job? Or how do they feel if 5+ years passed, the murderer got away with it and the case is unsolved still?

Sometimes I wonder what they must be going though at that very moment during their investigation.


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  • Absolutely. Most police officers will often break down in tears during internal affair investigations after a shooting. It's a very tough job and a lot of people like to think it's just citing traffic tickets and busting teenagers with weed. You are treated like dirt every day and are expected to maintain your composure. Then you are suddenly put in life or death situations in which you have to act. Most people are not strong enough to make decisions like that and that's why a lot of the public frames police officers to be cold hearted criminals themselves.

    Arresting someone and sending them to prison for the rest of their life because of a third strike narcotics offense when the man is clearly and addict who needs rehabilitation will make you lose sleep at night. Him crying and pleading and having the ability to walk away instead is a big decision. It's always a conflict of morality and the job. A lot of guys can't handle it and that's why they don't do their 30 years.

    A homicide detective that was assigned a case in which he saw a teenager taken away from their lives is a very tragic and intense scene to walk into. It would be hard to compose yourself and put your emotions to side for the best interest of that person. If you don't catch the guy who did and he does it again you will be left with their parents faces during the moment of tragedy engrained in your head for the rest of your life.

    Taking a guys life on a moment's decision is almost never something that a cop wants to do. They dread the day they have to use deadly force and whether society deems it right or wrong it was a decision that he forced to make and he will have to live with it. It's just a shitty thing that happens.

    People seem to think people is all nice and caring. They don't realize how many terrible shitty people there are out in the world. They don't realize what officers see on a daily basis and realize the amount of resilience and mental strength it takes to not let that taint you in your decision making.

    Being in that line of work is a guaranteed way to experience emotional trauma. How you deal with that is dependent on how strong of a person you are.

    Former US Marine
    Former Police Academy Graduate

    • Thank you for this opinion. I hope many will read it. I try to explain the same thing on this site but I usually get down voted for my opinion.

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    • I think I really like you! Finally someone who has my same exact poky of view. 😉

    • Hahaha! *point of view* but poky works too, right?

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  • Of course they do


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  • I'm sure a lot of them do. You ever notice how cops in movies and shows always went to a bar after work or had some alcohol stashed in their drawer? That really says something.

  • Yes they can get enotional despite being desensitized to it after awhile. Especially those crimes involving children or other fellow cops.

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