If you were very lost in life?

Let's say everything is going downhill and all you want to do is party, sex, and drugs (soft ones like weed) so you can forget about the rest, you'd rather find someone to continue doing this stuff with you, since it's what you genuinely want and the only thing that makes you happy atm, or you'd rather find someone that will take you out of that lifestyle? By someone I mean a so, thanks!

  • A partner in crime
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  • Someone that will help set me back on track
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  • "so you can forget about the rest" - I've found out that trouble only gets delayed, not avoided, and usually the more it is delayed, the bigger it gets.

    That said "A partner in crime" - that would be the only type of person I'd look for, but not to waste my time with them, I'd rather do with them something I enjoy but that doesn't fuck me over.

    "Someone that will help set me back on track" - Unlikely, I hate complaining to other people, I try to fix my own problems myself.


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  • Um I'd rather find God. I was a pretty out of control drinker and partier. Virginal for a much longer time than most, but it got to the point where my doctor was concerned about my liver. You don't want to be dragged down, nor do you want to glom onto another person to solve all your problems. Find God. Seek counseling for addictions. It'll help.

  • Damn, that sounds like me atm... I found a partner in crime.
    This song reminds me of it all:

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