How should I use my business degree? Input would be appreciated?

I graduated from a good program.

I didn't do well at all in 3rd year but bucked up in 4th year. My first two years are good too.

I ended up with a B average overall.

This would make me eligible for a lot of jobs since B is the minimum requirement. However, I am confused. If I go for something like finance, yeah I could do it I guess it's just I wouldn't like it.

Marketing would be interesting but then there's a lower salary.

I guess I realized I just have to pick something and go with it, a job is a job.

All input would be appreciated very much!! :)


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  • You can use it in anything like banking, finance, marketing, any fortune 500 company, etc, etc. Just try to pick something you think you will like an enjoy.


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  • Well, what sort of degree is it? Administration? Marketing? Etc?

    What sort of work experience do you have?

    Outside of work experience, are there areas you happen to know lots and lots about that most people don't? Especially fields that are growing rapidly?

    What are yr greatest personal skills, and/or the strongest aspects of yr personality?