What is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you as a child?

I'll start. I swear on the life of my Children this is true.
When I was around 14 or 15 (sure I was 15) we lived in a very old house in a small town. My brother and sister were only a few years apart from me. Me and my siblings all slept upstairs, and I shared a room with my sister. My parents slept downstairs.

So, one summer, we got really into ghost stories and read a story about a spirit entering a teddy bear. So, we decided to take a teddy to the cemetery in town and invite spirits into it to see if it was legit. I'm not sure how long it was when the first occurance was, but It happened during the same summer. One night, I was laying in bed drawing or somthing. I was awake. And I wasn't in bed for long at all, and I heard loud, angry stomps coming up the stairs. I figured it was my sister, since she threw tantrums on the reg. The stomping came down the hallway, and my door Flys wide open as if kicked, and slams our dresser on the other side. But no one was there. Then it was quite. From my angle on the bed, I had a clear view of my brother's door, which was shut. From the distance of our room, there is no way it could of been my brother going into his room without me seeing, because the second my door flew open, I could see his door was already shut at the end of the hallway. I was freaked out, and got up and went into my brothers room who was playing video games. I asked him if he heard it, because we had old creaky wood floors , and the stomping shook. And the bang on my dresser was super loud. He did not hear it. I go down stairs, and my parents didn't hear it either, and my sister was in the living room with them. It was really strange how they didn't hear it because even when we walked around up there, you could clearly hear downstairs, like elephants walking. And they said my sister hadn't gone up stairs yet. Also, my parents and sister were in the living room, which was where the stairs were, in plain sight of them. No one heard it.

Another time after the hallway incident, I was going to the bathroom, and on top of the toilet was a decorative glass bowl. So, I'm doing my business on the can, and I hear the glass bowl slide (literally heard it slide) and fell and shattered on the other side of the tub. Like, 4 feet away it landed. There was a gap between the toilet and the tub, and it shattered on the farthest part of the tub. I am 33 now, shit was real back then. For fucking real. It was so loud.


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  • Great story, I love creepy stuff :-).

    One story I can remember happened when I was around 12 years old. This happened in boy scouts (I was in boy scouts for many years). So before I start telling it, you have to know that boy scouts in Switzerland is quite different from the US. The way I experienced it in the US, boy scouts is a pretty serious issue. It felt like a mix between army training and community service. For example all the things American kids do in boy scouts are supposed to be productive I think (to help the elderly or the ones in need in their community etc.). Also, the leaders are usually quite old already. For example when I went to visit one boy scout group, most of the leaders were in their 40s and 50s.
    In Switzerland, boy scouts is much more... relaxed and focused on having fun. It's basically where you can be wild and crazy and nobody's gonna yell at you. The leaders are always quite young (usually between 17-23 or so). You go into the nature a lot (especially into the forest) and you do a lot of open air group games (for example playing elaborate versions of cops and robbers and stuff like that). Sometimes the leaders also teach you things like how to make a fire or how to use different plants you find in the wild.
    During the summer, there's always a big camp where you go away for about 10 days. During this camp, there's always one night where we have something called a "night exercise". It's basically a scary scenario the leaders come up with, during which certain kids receive their boy scout name (I don't know if you guys have that but in Switzerland, every kid is given a special boy scout name after 1-2 years of membership). It's basically a rite of Initiation.
    During one such camp, we were woken up one night at 2 a. m. or so. Our leaders were all incredibly good actors, so it made the whole thing more fun and more frightening. The girl who woke us up told us that something really terrible had happened and she truly seemed confused and in panic. She told us to get dressed very quickly and meet outside in 5 minutes. Once everyone was outside, sleepy, confused and scared, the three leaders who were present told us that the two other leaders (a girl and a guy) had gone for a walk but never came back that night. They told us something about an evil witch in a nearby forest and that this forest was haunted and they didn't tell us previously because they didn't want to scare us. They said we had to go there immediately as a group and

    • look for them. So we walked to the forest, which took us around 20-25 minutes. There were swamps nearby and it was dark of course and there were a lot of strange noises coming from inside the forest, so that was already pretty scary. They also built in some cool and very creepy special effects, such as a real cow heart that they previously through on that pebble pathway in order to now pick it up and scream "oh my god! What happened here?" One of the leader girls started crying, which scared us even more of course. But some of the older kids including myself were still unimpressed and saying stuff like "oh c'mon, this is just funny. Evil witch? Pfff seriously? They just made up some bullshit story!"
      But then, something really unexpected happened: we found one of the two leaders that we had been looking for. The guy. He was the best actor out of all of them. Seriously, this guy should have become a professional actor. He was shaking on his whole body and his face was very pale. He

    • told us that something terrible had happened. Apparently, he explained to us kids, he and the other leaders had planned to scare us to death with some evil witch story and some things they had planned to do with us inside the dark forest. But while he and the other leader girl had gone to the forest one last time to prepare some stuff, a few guys in a car had come and kidnapped her. Apparently they told him they would come back for more of us because they knew where our camp was (just a bunch of tents out on a field basically). Also, they said they would kill the girl if we didn't do exactly what they demanded. As it later turned out, THIS was the real night exercise. It was all just a made up story but because of how realistic it sounded compared to the witch story and the incredibly authentic way it was delivered to us, we were frightened to death. It was an awesome night but I have hardly ever been so scared as then. They only revealed everything in the early morning hours ;-)

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  • I'm honestly not sure of any creepy stories from my childhood. The scariest one was when my brother almost drowned in my uncle's pool. I ended up pulling him out, but, man, was that freaky.


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  • Walking into the ladies room at the community pool center by mistake and having some 30+ year old woman smile at me half nude when I was 10.

  • We were watched and followed by an old man in a van he even drove super slow behind us and stopped along side us. We told our parents and wrote his plate down he was never seen again


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