Why does my love life suck?

I really like this guy he is in the military and we are hanging out all of the time and we understand each other and he really likes me too. He is on deployment right now overseas He told me that when he comes back we are going to spend more time together and be in an actual relationship together. I really like him but I am having a hard time believing that he actually likes me. All of my life no guy has ever wanted to be with me because they thought that I was weird or unattractive for some reason but now that I am an adult it seems like all of the guys want to be with me but only for sex and I am not into that. I really want to believe that this guy is real because he promises me that he wants to get to know me more and that if anything becomes serious between us then he would love that because he wants to be with me. It is hard for me to trust people in my life because every time that I have it has gotten me hurt or it makes my life hell and i do not need that I feel the same way about love because all love does is hurt me and I do not need that in my life. When I fall in love with someone i fall hard and i put my whole heart into it so I get really hurt if it does not work. I want to believe that what he is telling me is somewhat true but as of now until he comes back to prove it I feel like I do not know about this guy Advice?


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  • As a former Marine I'm telling you that you should probabaly get out of this situation. You have no idea what you are getting yourself into.

  • He is ready and willing to die to protect you and your family and friends along with everyone else in your country if that doesn't earn him the benifits of the doubt in your mind u feel super sad for you


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  • I agree with fearless bananna. Also i have met a lot of shitty guys and i have not been dating anyone in over 2 years. I do not know when i am ever going to date again because i have a hard time trusting people

    • You're very right- I'm feeling the same thing right now. I just feel that there are too many immature, and fake people out in the world today. I just want to find someone who values emotions before sex... I'm honestly scared to go into the 'real world' because it seems like it's just so hard to find a decent person.

    • @nolanbonster you are only 17 you still have plenty of time

    • you're only 22- is there that much of a difference

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