Why some people don’t arrange a meeting one day before?

I just can’t stand unstable people, they make me feel really anxious without a reason. Why they just can’t tell me one day before in order to arrange my schedule for the next day?

I have to be above my phone all the time when they tell me “I’ll call you at 1 o’clock, about to arrange the exact hour”. And when they do they tell me “In half hour I will be there”.

Do they believe I can teleport or something? I cannot dress up, STOP whatever I’m doing and be at THAT place in an instant, especially when it’s a 20 minute walk.


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  • Have you tried talking to them about it?

    Dude, different people work in different ways. There could be all sorts of reasons for this.
    In other words -- It might just be how the person's life works.

    At yr age, I was an editorial model. Most shoots were called on a few days' notice, and schedules were VERY often changed as little as 12-18 hours ahead of time. So, if I wanted to "make plans" with friends, same-day was the only way to go.
    I also have girlfriends who are on-call nurses, and who never know when they'll get called into work (or when they'll have to sleep after an all-night shift!). So, again, if they have a day off? They'll hit up their friends.

    These people won't be offended if you say no, of course -- but they're just giving it a shot.

    Of course, the person might just be lazy and used to scheduling things at the last minute, depending on mood.

    Or the person might have been in a relationship with someone who used to cancel things on her/him all the time -- and so she/he has adapted by learning to just schedule shit at the last minute.

    The point is, you shouldn't be super judgy about it, until you at least ASK.
    There may be an actual good reason.


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  • i know right, i seriously hate that too


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  • I don't know. Some people just have preference on how to do things

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