Would faking with a rapist/criminal be more likely to work out?

Many of those cases, all the victims screamed, resisted or said ''please, don't, etc.'' As horrible as it would be for any woman (or man) to be put under that ordeal, I think sometimes there might be way out.

If it was me under that situation, this might sound crazy but this would be my plan:
- Don't resist
- Pretend to like it
- Straight forward fake it
- Compliment the dude even if you really find him repulsive
- Try to be as calm as possible

Otherwise, unless I have a weapon at that moment or know a very good move, there are little chances of winning against that. I have a theory that some of those victims might have been alived today if they had done that.

What good would it do to resist, scream and plead against someone bigger and a lot stronger than me?

Once let go, then I would seek revenge against him alright.


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  • No, the best thing to do is workout, practice martial arts, and then - you would have a good chance of winning against him.

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    • Thank you :)

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • There is no way you can just fake it until you make it. All he has to do if he is carrying a weapon or not is kill you right after he is done. That is what most rapist do. Always be AWARE of your surroundings, don't just TALK to anybody, and ladies you are guilty of talking to just some random 'cute' or 'HOT' guy, and then wonder how did he turn out to be a rapist, abuser or psychopath. I know and spoken to raped victims, so I can say this. If your the type that agrees to premarital sex, your at higher risk because your consenting to almost any and everybody. Rape happens in stable relationships too, that in turn is not so stable.

    Learn self defense. Don't be afraid to ask critical questions. Don't believe in stereotypes. Anybody can be a rapist, and everybody is capable of doing a crime. Always have 9-1-1 on speed dial, and your most trusted family members and friends you can easily contact. Do NOT be home alone with a friend or family member that is showing sexual interest in YOU. Be CAREFUL who you call BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. I have spoken to a girl who got raped by her boyfriend during first time sex, and she almost died. She was a virgin and she wanted sex, but he didn't, and once she told him to stop because she was in pain, he cursed at her and continued anyway. It is NOT a joke.

    If you can legally get a gun, learn how to shoot by a licensed professional. Get your license, and know the law regarding concealed weapons. Get EDUCATED with the law overall. Know what is considered sex legally and medically! Sex includes the exchange in bodily fluids through penile- vaginal intercourse, oral sex: from mouth to genitals and anal sex. If this does happen, get to a safe place, call police IMMEDIATELY, then you can contact whoever you need to. Be prepared if you are sent to get counseling or therapy. And most of all, ALWAYS have a support system of your trusted friends and family. And always remember that the rape itself is not your fault. However if you have placed yourself in a vulnerable situation that you KNEW could have been avoided; learn from your mistakes and don't ever do it again. Forgive the offender, or they have already won. Don't engage into ANY form of sexual activity if you can no longer handle it. Don't allow somebody to chime you in or force you to do so, or say how you will be able to experience REAL SEX again. You set the boundaries and make the decision. Remember that.

    Hope this helps. Best regards

    • Thank you. I can MHO you for that. Well spoken indeed.

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  • "What good would it do to resist, scream and plead against someone bigger and a lot stronger than me?"

    so that it is clear that you did not consent and the person potentially can be prosecuted for rape. what you're suggesting is essentially let rapists have their way. i understand what you're saying. essentially to avoid potential further pain or abuse just appease them but that also will just create a situation where rapists get away with their actions. without negative consequence a rapist will simply continue to rape and rape and rape... and where does it end?

    • If you see my update, if the rapists lets go that's when my ''get-out'' and ''get revenge against him'' plan would start sinking in. I would obviously report that afterwards.

    • but if you don't verbally say "no" then the sex can't be considered non-consensual.

      what revenge would you seek out?

    • report it and tell them the truth that I was using reverse psychology on him and was scared for my life
      Or if there is a weapon handy at the moment, disabled him and get away, then do the above

  • Want to know the best way? Doing your utmost to avoid putting yourself in a situation where this might happen.

    • True. For instance, I never get too drunk at parties and always make sure I'm with my friends.

  • You'd have to have the willpower of a God to fake enjoying something like that but yeah I kinda think that might work. Might at least make the abuser not so aggressive with you?

    • Well that would be my only tool at that moment. I'm a psychology student and sometimes reverse psychology works.

      Fighting him off, screaming and resisting will do me nothing with my 5'3, 126 Ibs frame against someone a lot bigger and stronger.

    • I personally think all women should learn basic jiu jitsu back defense. Size doesn't matter when you can breath or the carotids are closed off

  • carry a pocket knife and stab him. is self defense

  • Try "I just got my period!"

    • Good suggestion too.

    • A very old trick for girls : when going to a drinking party , wear a pad with some red ink on it. Those 'human animals' mostly freeze at that idea.

  • You're going to want to talk to an expert about that. I've heard plenty of other stories where resisting saved their lives. Rapists are not all the same. Some want to punish women and others don't even consider what they are doing rape. Your strategy could very well end your life.

    • True I would be dealing with a very sick person. The reason I've wondered about reverse psychology is that I've used in on other trivial situation such as on spoiled kids and it worked. I would like to think that since I'm a psychology student, it might work.

      I've heard of a case where this girl was resisting, screaming and trying to fight him and it only upset him. He started beating her until she pretended to enjoy it, then it got him disgusted, confused and he throws her out of his car. She was injured but alive.

    • Then there is the Stanford rapist who raped an unconscious girl. The backpage serial
      rapist didn't rape the one girl who fought back. The point is you just don't know and doing something is better than nothing.

  • I've thought about it but you're chances are probably better to scream, fight back and don't give up. A criminal has an agenda and will see it out as their first priority

    • Yeah but if he punches me while I'm screaming and fighting I'm screwed. I'm only 5'3 and 126 Ibs... I will not win against that.

    • I've used reverse psychology on other cases such as spoiled children and it worked. I figured that maybe if I were using that against a rapist, it might work too.

    • The criminal will do whatever he set out to do, you're only chance is to hope he has a psychological issue that you're trying to play on. An example other than rape would be if I planned to rob a bank, take a hostage then murder them once I'm free. Regardless if you comply or not my intent stays the same and eventually you will get a bullet to the head.

  • Ah you mean reverse psychology. I dont think that would work

    • It's still a 50/50 chance. It's better than resisting, screaming and trying to fight him, which that would only give me a 10% chance of making it out.

    • um no I think your 10% chance drops to 0% chance Lol you're just making easier for him

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  • No. It is not about sex. It is about exerting power over a defenceless person. Pretending to enjoy it will not keep you safe. In order to get the reaction he wants, he'll probably just kill you instead to prove that he has power over you.

    • Yeah, that's a tought one. I would be praying that he just wants to rape me. Though, it would be worth a try to use reverse psychology on him.

    • No, it would not. Do everything possible to preserve your life when you're being attacked. Do not take foolish risks that will get you killed.

  • But it would still be rape, you'd just be less beat up maybe, but you dont know if he had any diseases, screaming lets other people know that there's something wrong, sometimes the victims are unconscious.. this doesn't work for every scenario. And I don't know about you, but I'm pretty strong myself, but if I was being raped I couldn't fake it as much as I tried, it would be terrible.

    • I added my updated. I would obviously seek revenge against him if that ordeal is over. I'm a psychology student so I figure, I would be using psychology on him.

    • That's assuming you can even think straight in the scenario.. which for most is very unlikely. It's easy to talk about it so logically now but unless you've gone through something like that you can't sit here and map out exactly how you'd respond.

  • No, fight him off.

    • I'm only 5'3 and 126 Ibs... I will not win against that.

    • Neither will I. But I still fought him off. Gave up after a while but it's better to try then to always wonder what if.

  • From what I hear pooping is the only option.

  • That's dumb. If anything it will just be easier or even more enjoyable for him. Even if you're small, scream for help, bite, scratch, kick or punch him aiming for a sensitive spot, carry a knife pepper spray or kubatan. It's a better chance than doing absolutely nothing which is basically what you're doing. The guy doesn't care if you enjoy it or not. Even if you fail, in court, you can say you made every effort to stop him. You absolutely did not consent. Maybe someone heard your screams and can testify.

    Giving in, if you decide to press charges, it would be easier for him to say you consented. Your defense would be "I said yes and enjoyed it because I wanted to test a psychology trick"
    That's just craziness. The jury will sympathize more with someone who tried to defend themself.

  • I don't think anything would work.

  • I'd be afraid that they'd keep inflicting more pain upon you until they get the response they want.

    • Yeah there is also a chance my plan wouldn't work out. After all, some are just to sick to even reason with but if I could reason with him through reverse psychology, then I would be thinking of my exit plan if he lets go. Some rapists just rape and leave... leaving you all degraded and violated forever.
      I heard about this case where a girl tried that after screaming and resisting didn't work, the rapist got disgusted, confused and threw her out of his car. She was injured from all the resisting but alive.

  • It doesn't work like that. You are being abused in such a personal level that you won't be even able to think straight, you won't even be able to think at all.

    • True but it's also about surviving. I would be thinking of my best way of surviving and use psychology on him. I'm after all a psychology student.

    • Being a psychology student means nothing if you don't go through rape yourself. When someone is raping you you're not even thinking about surviving. You feel so abused, so disrespected, so dirty, so sufocated on your own skin that you don't even want to survive. That's the last thing you're thinking about.

    • ^^^ this.

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