What do you guys think about this sex app?

You just touch it and say "Yes" to log your consent for sex.
There would be a list of sex acts that you could put an 'x' in to check for approval.
If you're shy you could text people a request for their consent.
The time you said yes would be recorded and you could add a time limit for it's validity

It's not perfect, but it's better than nobody knowing anything at anytime.


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  • Not bad. Just one thing - what happens if consent is withdrawn during the act? Say, for example, the girl logged that she'd consent to anal (say she's never done before but is open to trying) and then during the act, it's too painful and she wants to stop? Could the guy force her to continue because she logged her consent?

    • The same thing that already happens when people do that.

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    • Doesn't that make the whole app pretty pointless then?

    • Nope because it reminds people that consent is something they should think about. In today's smartphone obsessed era it's the best way to keep people thinking about it.

      Also, there are a lot of times when people having sex do things that they may not have intended to, things that they don't feel are worth yell rape about, but are uncomfortable with regardless, such an app would encourage people to consider their sex acts beforehand. It should remove fear, and provide relief to everyone. People don't waste time with others who don't want what they want, people won't feel pressure to do things they aren't interested in. It just encourages clarity which is a benefit for all.

      And no, a colorful poster doesn't do the same thing, because an announcement like that lack interactivity.

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  • Its beautiful


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  • that is the stupidest thing i've ever heard of. however, with the amount of women claiming rape the next day, after they consented to sex, or trying to decide who raped who after both parties being drunk, i suppose it's necessary. it is at least attempting to keep people out of legal trouble. however, i still believe in consent by instinct.


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