😴Why do I keep dreaming of the same girl every night?

For the past two nights now I've dreamt of the same girl.

Her and I use to go to the same
highschool and I had a bit of a crush on her but I was too shy to make a move.

I recently messaged her on facebook trying to slide in those DMs but it didn't go as planned so I just moved on.

Now I can't stop dreaming about HER! The dreams were weird too Wtf


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  • Love? Worry?

    What was happening in the dreams you speak of?

    • The first one was a bit strange. She was standing over an over pass bridge and i was looking at her from a 3rd person perspective. I didn't really understand what was going on.

      But this one topped the other one so hard.

      I recently tried to date this girl (X) and she turned out to be the cousin of the guy (Z) who was dating the girl (Y) i have a crush on.
      I played football with the guy (Z), the girl (Y) being my crush and i tried to date his cousin (X).
      We never dated but me and his cousin parted on bad terms.

      So in the dream i got invited to the cousin's (X) party. the guy (Z) and my old crush (Y) were both there together.

      I can't really remeber everything but all 4 of us under the same roof. It gave me an intense feeling of awkwardness. 😐

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    • Lol when you succeed, yeah. It can be a great feeling. But don't worry, honestly, it happens to many people.

    • If i showed you a picture of her youd see why i still think about her. Thanks for the inputnπŸ‘

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  • Because you're still thinking about her and the fact that things did not go as planned. Your brain is processing what you could've done instead. You are still crushing on her.

    • Haha yeah, I've been thinking about her since I left highschool. 😌

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  • I guess it's because you tried to contact her. You thought about her, for a while.
    And she's still on your mind, even though you might not be aware of that.

    • How do I stop it?

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    • It's not that easy. I met her back in 10th grade, during that time I would get butterflies in my stomach when i would be around her or think about her.
      It's not consatant but she is still on my mind here and there.

      if i had a girlfriend now and she came around i would probably dump my current girlfriend for her. πŸ˜…

    • I see. Well, I can tell that you really like her.
      Then, I don't see how you can stop.

  • I have heard that people often dream about what they desire or what they fear. I remember dreaming about a puppy when I wanted a puppy and I also remember dreaming of falling off a cliff. I don't know, maybe it was just a random dream though and only represents what you happened to be thinking about at the moment.

    • Nah, she hasn't been on my mind for a minute till those dreams (It's been about 2 or 3 weeks since i sent that message). I've been focused on work.

      But yeah, I'd say the desire is still there

  • Me too. I've dreamed also same person in my dream


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