How do people keep their mind on the grind as death looms?

People devote their lives to making money and bettering their situation, but are they aware that life is not eternal and we don't keep our possessions when we die?


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  • i remind myself of that everyday. every second that passes, we are getting closer and closer to our deaths. i think that if we DIDN'T have things like money and personal situations to focus on, we might just succumb to paranoia and fear. maybe jobs, hobbies, passions were developed as a massive distraction from our impending doom. :x

    • Jobs is because of the necessity of survival. If we didn't survive, death would come sooner. Biological organisms did not evolve perfectly. They are not eternal and this sucks.

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    • I've had others.

    • I'd imagine so. You've lived a while lol

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