I met this woman on meet me dating site and she gave me her kik?

i went on there and found her and then we talked and she kept asking me for money and to sign up on paypal and get a account on there and when i didn't she threatened to call the police on me :( i then blocked her, what should i do im scared?


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  • ?
    Why would you be afraid of police, you haven't done anything illegal, haven't you?
    And it's really bad idea send money to people you don't know and haven't met in real life, especially for "ladies"(behind account it can even be a man) from dating or other sites.


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  • Nope, you have done nothing wrong. What charges can she file on you if she did call the cops? Just move forward.

    • thanks she said something about sexual harrassment but i didn't really say anything to her that was way over the top

    • Don't worry about it, she is just pissed that she couldn't get money off you. But really, don't let it get to you.

      I am sure that if the cops do get involved and see the conversation, the charges will be filed on her for asking for money and harassing YOU.

    • i got scared but then i blocked her ass lol

  • She's scamming for your money. Its good you blocked her.


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