I Have A Bad Gag Reflex?

So I'm getting my molds/impressions done tmrw for my braces and I have a pretty bad gag reflex. I'm really nervous!! I've heard that sometimes the goop goes down your throat and I'm terrified! What will I expect? Any tips? Thanks

I got them today and I was fine; I didn't gag like I thought I was and yeah ;) it wasn't a big deal at all.


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  • when I had to get an impression for a crown right at the back I just focused on breathing through my nose and it took my mind off and I didn't feel the need to gag as much. The stuff is like a putty and is held in place it won't fall down.


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  • I can help with this.

  • what do you mean bad gag reflex? its just normal how your body is, or do you want to get rid of it?

    • I mean that I gag very easily, even when I get X-rays at the dentist... and I just wanted some tips of how to deal with it when I get my molds for braces

    • well you could stick your fingers down your throat until your gag reflex is triggered less fast.

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