So I got this teenager problem? What should I do?

Well recently I'm very, very lazy, knowing what I have to finish (like homework, etc) but never getting it started, rather, doing something that is a waste of time. And I like it. Because things like social media, video games are such addictive attractionz, aren't they? Whereas I got my dreams and goals that await me to realize, and it takes a lot of time. And to reach my goals, I first have to get what I gotta do done. But I'm too lazy to do it.
I always have a plan in my head but you know it's pretty hard to stick with it. Well maybe someone said to divide a plan into small parts, I tried, and that didn't work. I really dunno what I should do. I just lost almost all those motivations to work it.

Can you guys please help me? Some advice? :)

I'll appreciate that ; )


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  • Go to the library where there isn't any distractions

    • But that makes me feel isolated from the world or am I thinking wrong?

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  • Ah yes, getting into this phase:

    • Oh bruh thanks for the music

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    • And what your crush does, like Jessica Jones, could be an inspiration to me , because I rarely take actions to what I want. But since today, I will try my best to take actions and be adventurous like you guys, and make your help actually mean something.

      Gracias mi amigo :)

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  • you just need something to motivate you

    • I know, but what motivates u?

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