Boyfriend dislikes my playing of Videogames, opinions?

I tend to play about 15 hours a day while at home, I have no job but I am looking though my countries is crap for them right now. Anyway my partner seems to feel threatened by the amount I play them, me and my partner don't live together but we spend half the week together. I don't ignore him while I'm at home, I multitask a lot since I have a low attention span, I can do 3/4 things at once, its purely the time I play on them and the fact its always the same style/genre/ect of game.

Anyway I take my handheld with me while we are together, the max I play a day if at all is 5/7 hours, he seems to take that personally but we rarely go out and thats what I'd rather do if I'm not at my place, and I don't mean spending money its an utter waste, I just mean going out walking or something. So the only other option is watching crappy repeats of stuff on the television that I'm barely interested in, and sitting there doing that frustrates me because I see no value in it, games help me be less stressed by comparison.

We argue about that stuff all the time but yet there is no solutions. Mainly I'd just like to know peoples opinions on the situation.

Just thought I'd say also, I don't want to get out and socalise, it stresses me and I find it a waste of time lol.


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  • Time to put away the toys and grow up. Playing video games is an absolute waste of time. Sorry, but your boyfriend is right.

    • Waste of time as opposed to watching television all day as he does? Thats my issue, I'd happily go out if he would but the only other options I have are sitting with him watching crap.

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    • I understand that but I find television to be devoid of anything useful. I tend not to play multiplayer stuff ether. I'd prefer we went out but he just says he's bored of the area as he's lived there 20 years where as I'm new to the area he lives in. With Pokemon Go coming out he went outside for abit at least. I think in the end though its a catch 22, there's no good solution.

    • Relationships take time and effort, and a lot of compromise. Sounds like you both need to sit down together and decide if you value each other enough to make it work.

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  • How can you be looking if you're playing 15 out of 24 hours? That's not looking very hard. I wouldn't be with a guy like that, so I understand why it frustrates him. 24 hours- say you sleep 6 hours, as many do instead of 8, that leaves 18 hours, 15 hours of that is taken up by games, that leaves 3 hours, say 1.5-2 hours on waking up, showering, brushing hair, eating during the day... how hard did you say you were looking for work again? If I were in your boyfriends situation, I'd probably feel a growing resentment and we'd probably argue a lot too.
    Seriously, you're 25-29, you need to learn to do real life, go and work, clean the house, be able to talk to people etc...

    • there's no real jobs here, if I look there'll be less than 20 for a whole 20 weeks and none of them pay even minimum wage. Plus I said I multitask, I can look for an hour a day for jobs end up with the standard warehouse stuff that is always to far away so they never call me back.

      Anyway I don't need time to wake up, brushing teeth takes afew mins, why would I shower if I'm indoors half the week? Eating just stick something in the microwave or eat snacks all can be done with multitasking.

      I've done work for free with my partner for local people, same hours as the games I like being outside but not on my own and not with strangers. I'm not cleaning no house if no ones living there its only my issue. I'd rather not talk to people who only back stab or leave you alone when you actually need them, this is why I won't bother with people.

    • It won't let me edit, I meant 2 weeks lol. The jobs where I live are generally to far away for them to consider me, I apply within 50 miles and all there is is warehouse, call centre and all are 3 month contracts and these companies generally screw over their workers, 2 of them are being investigated for threading workers and breeches in health and safety for ambulances being called so many times to one place.

      I dunno why people find it so hard multitasking though. I mean I can be messaging my partner while listening to music while playing my game then on and off writing something for example. Life is too short to dedicate yourself to one thing at a time.

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  • It probably just because he feels like you don't spend much time on him

    • I do spend time with him, we spend 3/4 days from Friday till Monday together but the whole time he just watches television and I find it so boring. I'd rather play games if we aren't going out anywhere.

  • 15 hours straight? daaaaaamn, thats a bit too much, even for me...

    • I constanly feel I need to make some form of progress, time literally shows it, I suppose its OCD but I have nothing else to do. No friends, don't want them ether. TV is boring rubbish. The general area I live is all roads and horrible stuff. Where I used to live was better but it costs to much to go back.

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    • Japanese rather than western, I'm learning the language at the same time.

    • ? what

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