If you ask for advice and the majority of the people suggest the same option is it stupid not do what their suggesting?

I know this is vague but if 15 out of 17 people are saying the same thing to you for what you should do... Does it become one of those scenarios of "why the hell haven't you done it yet?"

  • If 88% percent of people are suggesting the same thing... Stop being stubborn and do it already.
  • Maybe their wrong? ... I don't know, give with you on instincts I guess.
  • It depends... Is it a permanent thing? If there is no repercussions maybe just try it.
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Option 2 was suppose to be - I don't know, go with your instincts I guess.
Bump because why not


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  • It's not stupid to not do what somebody suggests. You need to do what makes you happy, of course there are times where people on the outside can see things more clearer than what you are able to, but also keep in mind that they don't know the full story of everything. It's easy for people to say what you should do but at the end of the day what you want is all that counts, because you will be the one to live with the choice not them.


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  • Ofc it doesn't necessarily mean they are right.


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  • In most situations, yes, it would be smarter to do what they're saying but it would depend. If you went on a site like /b/ and asked for advice, 15/17 people would tell you to kill yourself but obviously you shouldn't do it :P


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