I can't hear out my left ear and I dont know whats going on?

I was listening to music and then afterwards it felt like my ear was clogged up and i can hear myself talking. I took a que tip and clean my hears but work to no avail. I went to sleep and the feeling was worse. I try to pop my ears by yawning also closing my nostrils and blowing but that doesn't seem to work. I dont know whats going on.


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  • Q tips will just make it worse. Pour some peroxide into your affected ear, lay down on your side so it'll go in through your year, and then flip when the bubbles stop so it'll drain. It may not help right away but do it a few times. If not you can either get over the counter ear drops (I get debrox, the bulb it comes with helps too) or you can go to the doctor and they'll irrigate your ear for you.

  • You should go to a doctor. And don't stick Q tips in your ears as you can puncture the eardrum if you go too far, which is easy to do.

    • I didn't have any money neither do i have insurance for a doctor

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    • Im afraid i was listening to loud music

    • It may be hearing damage in that case. Not curable and it will only get worse.

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