Does BLM really care about black lives?

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If you answer yes, explain why they don't also protest black on black violence.


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  • They themselves say they don't just focus on black lives. They focus on black victims of racial violence. A specific set of social injustices. The name is a poor choice for what they do and will continue to open them up for criticism. Even then, i think their efforts are more of a joke than an actual movement and a distraction away from what the black community really needs.


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  • What they mean when they say "lives" is "narratives."

    Specifically, they don't even wish to address all injustices against blacks.

    They only wish to advance the specific cases about which they can revise the narrative to pigeonhole into a race-based class warfare spiel - one which provides their NWO masters with a favorable sales pitch to destroy the American republic with.

    Especially lazy, they like to go after blatant false-flag operations, as well as events in which media personnel have already been busted for spinning or for reporting blatantly false information to cover up the real story.

    So why do facts not matter to BLM? Because narratives matter. Dogma matters. They are a smokescreen for NWO ideology, and their Globalist cult's teachings on race and class warfare must not be questioned.

    So let's rewind the clock a few years:
    Zimmerman, hardly a likeable man himself, merely tries to get a clear picture of where a drug-addled drug dealer is going, so he can verify to police what is happening.

    Trayvon, realizing that he's been spotted, calls up his girlfriend on the phone and asks for advice. She tells him that the guy is "probably a rapist," and to beat him to death. Brain damaged from too much purple drank use, which he'd purchased ingredients to produce more of, Trayvon thinks this is a good idea, and forces himself and Zimmerman into a life-or-death brawl to the finish.

    Leaving Zimmerman with two choices: shoot, or get your own brains splattered all over the pavement!

    Media reaction? Show everyone what the cute 14-year-old Trayvon looked like - not the cold-blooded would-be killer at age 17. And Zimmerman? Show everyone an unrelated mugshot from his past, not a photo of him doing his job. Why? To paint him as a monster, that's why. Also, downplay Zimmerman's Hispanic heritage. To truly vilify him, he has to be "a white man."

    And the Department of Injustice while run by the #2 Grand Butcher of Waco? Jump to get the feds involved in a case locals were handling just fine, to nationalize the new narrative before facts had a chance to catch up!

    Every case since then, BLM and major "news" outlets have followed a similar formula. This is little more than Soviet-style brainwash. What's scary, is how effective it has become.


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  • Yep, seems to be at least one undeniable fact about the movement.
    And check the website, it's a much more comprehensive movement than you think.


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  • I think it's more of a racism thing, that's why they don't talk about black on black killings. Because crimes against your own race dont count as racist.
    I'm m coming from an outsiders point of view as I'm not American and don't live there (thank fuck) but from what I see in the media (however accurate or inaccurate that may be), it looks like there has been numerous instances where white policemen in particular have taken a more violent and killingy approach toward dealing with black people as opposed to white people.
    From the outside looking in, it appears black people are being given the short end of the stick in these situations.

    I think that's what the whole black lives matter thing is about. They want to try and raise awareness of the fact they seem to be being treated unfairly and even inflict some racism deaths of their own. As racial tensions between blacks and whites have been rising.
    Not a good thing going on.

  • they do protest black on black violence. check their website

  • POOR choice of name. It's really cops VS blacks. They "claim" when a black kills a black justice is served. Not where I live. Drive by's & assault weapons are somehow missing their intended target & injuring innocent victims. They don't have the guts to kill only their target 1 on 1.
    Nobody saw anything & in most cases the crime goes unsolved.
    IF Black lives mattered they wouldn't be just shooting knowing another black is going to probably be hit, injured or killed. It DOESN'T matter. Shoot anyway.
    If you have a beef with someone do it like the mob does it. 1 on 1 no innocent bystanders, no witnesses & it sends a message.

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