With the growing Islamic terrorist attacks around the world should the world change their stance and show great support to Israel?

  • Yes
  • No
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and why?


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  • No, because the Israeli army is also responsible for terrorist attacks.


What Guys Said 2

  • Quite the opposite. Israel is a huge provocation for the islamic world in the middle east. Imagine China would support Cuba with billions of dollars and tons of weapons every year in order to "protect themselves against the evil American imperialists". Wouldn't feel nice, would it? Well, that's how the islamic world feels about Israel. In fact, the comparison is actually too weak because Cuba doesn't occupy US-American territory, doesn't raid American neighborhoods, doesn't shoot rockets into American schools and hospitals and doesn't even lie on the same landmass as America.

    The only way the western world can stop these terrorist attacks is by FINALLY leaving the islamic world alone. Just fuck off, go back home and leave these people alone. I don't get why that's so freaking hard. And this also includes not supporting Israel anymore. At least not with the current government. Netanyahu is a right extremist asshole who just wants to deliberately provoke the muslim countries in the middle east. He is about on the same mental level as Kim Jong-Un. What Israel needs is a sensible government that actually cares about peace and is willing to make compromises and agreements with Palestine and the other muslim nations without fucking them over or using big mamma America as a constant tool to threaten them.

    • What did France do to provoke the Islamic world?

    • France is in the Nato. That already gives terrorists a reason to attack them (I'm not saying it's a good reason but it's a reason). Think about it... I'm from Switzerland. Terrorists have done attacks in several of our neighboring countries, yet they've never made an attack here so far. Of course there's a few other reasons for this but one important reason is that Switzerland doesn't get militarily involved in international affairs. We're not in the Nato (nor in the EU) and though we actually have one of the biggest armies in Europe (especially if you look at it per capita), we don't have any troops in other countries.
      France has actively participated in Afghanistan and in other missions in the middle east (not Iraq though fortunately).
      Plus, France, England and Belgium have all done a really crappy job at integrating their muslim immigrants. There is a reason so many terrorist attacks happen in France: France has a huge pool of poor, angry, bitter, unemployed muslim

    • immigrants who live without any real life perspective in segregated ghettos and parallel societies in the suburbs of big cities (such as the Banlieu in Paris). If you deliberately tried to "grow" some terrorists in your country, there's probably no better way you could do it. Partially, the terrorist problem in France, England and Belgium has to do with their imperialistic past. All of these countries used to have large colonies in Africa and this fact now came back to bite them in their ass. Because most of the dangerous muslims in these countries are actually (north) Africans, not Syrians or Iraqis. Switzerland never had any colonies and Germany only very few, this already makes a big difference.
      And particularly France and Belgium definitely need to change their immigration policies. Not even necessarily in terms of number but in terms of quality. They need to make sure that muslim immigrants in France become French. They need to know the language, have a job, accept secularism etc.

  • Not necessarily. Doesn't have to have anything to do with Israel

    • It could.

      The world says it happens to Israel because they are cruel to Islam. You see other countries now like France who opened their country to them and are attacked. Maybe, its not about how you treat them as much as it is their view on anyone who is not their particular sect of Islam.

    • True. But I think the problem Israel has is their close proximity. There's literally a line where one side is Israeli Jew's and the other is Palestinian Muslim's. It's like two tectonic plates rubbing together. They need to be further apart than that to solve that problem.