What to do when life feels out of control - parents are controlling, things aren't going well with SO, and job is exhausting but you can't change?

I have a roommate so I don't live at home. But my parents are still controlling and drive me crazy. They're always telling me things I already know i. e. het enough sleep, try to fit in exercise, make sure you're informed about the meds you're on, etc. My SO is acting more like my dad the more I get to know him, both the good and bad things and it's hard to deal with because it's like extra controlling and judging. And the job I have right now is exhausting but I can't quit because it's a stepping stone to what I want to do. I am working 58 hours on my easy weeks, up to 80 on the longer ones.

What can I do when I feel so out of control of my life? 😔


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  • Do you have any time to yourself just for you? If not I would maybe try to make some time even if it's just like 20-30 minutes a day where you just shut everything off and out then do something that will allow you to escape for a while


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