Girls, have you ever been lifted and carried by a girl who is younger than you?

What was the age difference?

  • Yes
    67% (4)
  • No
    33% (2)
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  • absolutely! love lifting and carrying and having it done to me by girls

    • Wow, really? I love being lifted by girls actually!

      How old was she and how old were you, if you don't mind asking?

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    • Cool. Personally I enjoy being lifted only (by girls, preferably if they are taller/bigger/stronger than me), but I enjoy seeing girls lifting other girls, especially if the one who does the lifting is younger (and taller/bigger/stronger as well).

    • i agree with you on all that, except, the age thing doesn't make a difference for me. I love tall, strong women, nothing is sexier!

What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think I have.

  • Yeah it's happened to me twice now because I'm a bit on the small side lol. The first girl was one year younger and the other I think was 2 years younger.