Will you think that othet's love is fake?

Will you think other's love are fake if you get the true love with your girlfriend?


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  • Huh? No. Do you think that others are dry in a rainstorm while you get wet?

    • He might have meant "other's" in the sense of previous boyfriends you have in the past, e. g., when you find one you feel so strongly about. At least that's how I interpreted it.

    • More "other/former loves in your life" instead of "other people's love". Does falling truly in love make the former feelings you had where you thought you were in love somewhat fake? At least that seems like a much more sensible question (think it was just slightly off in terms of the English).

    • @ak666 in that case no. The love you felt at the time was also real. Only time will tell if the current love is the "true" love of ones life. Often in retrospect a first love could be referred to as puppy love, but love nonetheless.

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  • I'm assuming by "other's", you mean other girlfriends before. And the answer is yes, for me. When I first fell deeply in love was with my fifth girlfriend.

    I thought I fell in love with my first girlfriend. In retrospect it was more like a "crush". I built a fantasy of marrying her and everything but just because she was my first girlfriend and I wanted to keep her.

    Before my first girlfriend I thought I fell in love with girls I didn't date. Those were definitely "crushes".

    I never realized how madly I could feel about a girl. I became the fool still scribbling her name in a notepad. Everything before that seemed fake, just fantasy and dreams. That feeling was real. I actually fell in love with that girl.

    In retrospect, she and my wife were the only ones who ever made me feel this way to where I placed them above all else in life.

    • I actually meant those people around you. HAHA..
      But I thought about what you say.
      It is also hard to be sure is it true love now.
      So Think about how to know from people's thought.

    • >> I actually meant those people around you. HAHA..

      Oh really? Sorry! I thought that was too strange of a question.

      I never questioned other people's feelings in these cases. I just know my own.

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  • No, that's stupid.


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