In California if aomone breaks in your houses or aparment can u kill them?

What happens if they get away with ur items in hand or vehicle can u kill them.

Someone tried to break into my moms and 9 year old brother aparment twice. I spent some money to fix her door and to buy her a burglar bar. But if i catch someone inside her apartment. I wanna straight up blast the guy. No questions or apologys. Wheater it be adult or teen.

I dont believe in the cops. They are useless where i live.

When i was 17 i got mugged at gun point and They told me we can catch the guy but he will bail out and Come back with his gang members and kill u or hurt u guys. Unless U guys plan on moving away.
A Asian cop. And hispanic cop told me this and then told me maybe one day u will join the police force and help out and stop this thing. And they took 30 mins to come but i only live about 7 mins away from the police station.

So i bought some guns my thing is if the bad guys have it i might as well too.


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  • only under reasonable fear of imminent peril. You are not allowed to kill someone if it is considered excessive force.

    • I see my door broke off the hendges. I walk insode. And see. A man what do u do

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    • if the evidence suggests other wise then no. It's not as simple as that.

    • Thanks for letting me know i can rob u and leave. U won't stop me and as soom as i get away im. Going to lwt my homies know where u stay and tell them if u say any thing we onow where stay where ur kids go to school and where u work so i suggest u keep ur mouth shut.

      Becuase all im gonna be charged with is theft ill get out in 4 years and ill see u in 2 years

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  • Not sure about California, but in most states you will need to be able to show that you reasonably felt in danger of your life, or family's lives before you can legally shoot, IN the house. If they are out, and you shoot them in the back, fleeing, you are going to jail, in most places, even if they have your stuff in hand, as they flee!
    I would NEVER, EVER want to kill someone over things like money, or property!! You have to live with taking that life, as long as you live, even if you were justified, and it was, legitimately you or them!! That's a pretty heavy burden to bear. Ask any returning vet that killed someone, how they feel about it. . .

    • Life mean nothong to me people are equal to deer to me. I've killed rabbit fish and snakes before and possums and deer I dont value life of Bad people i can live with it.

      If i can shoot a puppy in the face i can shoot a person.
      by the way i never shot a puppy but i could

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    • Dude i know people on my blocm who shot and killed people and who still go abput there day smoking drinking and go to work the next day.

      Soldier's are like thag becuase they arw stuck in war mode and they have to see it every day and its not normal.

      Killing people. Is only bad becuase we arw raised in a culture were its bad tell a man in afirca or middle east or north korea. They dont care in thier culture death is expected and apart of everyday life.

      Kkk peole kill blacks. Chop their dicks off and hang them it doesn't affect them just dehumanize the target which i Have

    • I'm guessing you are on a 'watch list', or at least probably will be saying things like that in today's paranoid society. Just posting 'Anonymous' here doesn't mean they can't find out who you are!