Is my mum jealous of me?

I told her my school must be busy with the opening of a new building in a soft voice.

She is well aware I am attached to my school and was extremely upset over something yesterday. In the morning too I was quiet.

Her immediate response was, "yeah they probably don't have time to even talk to students."

I know these people personally. It was insulting. She's indirectly implying they don't give a shit about students (like me), when an appropriate answer would be, "Yeah. Lots of work involved in opening a new building."

I told her I was tired of her jealousy and she started crying saying she didn't mean to do anything. She has lied about this 'not meaning to do anything' enough times for me to believe her.


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  • No she doesn't sound jealous at all

    • There's of course a long long story.

      But would your natural reaction to someone be, "yeah they don't have time for anyone," when someone is telling you of your alma mattar receiving something so prestigious?

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  • This is such a non issue it's hilarious.

    • No.

      It's a big issue but I haven't worded it correctly. My mom can never praise something I'm proud of. She can't praise me at all in fact. I was upset and was trying to bring up school to feel better. As usual... she is her old self

    • You're making assumptions about what your mom meant with what she said and you're assuming she knew something was wrong with you without you telling her. If you wanted to talk about something that was bothering you, you should've been open and honest not trying to drop hints.

    • She knew. She knew really really well and this is why today morning she didn't even sit opposite me on the table. Even yesterday she understood why I was upset.

      Also, after I walked out of the room mad, she is actually still trying to act as though nothing happened.

      My mom... don't even get me started. I am so tired of her that I sometimes would prefer to sit in silence than actually talk to her

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  • Lol how a topic is that?

  • she probably wishes to be young again, its normal, dont badger her about things like that, its mean.

    • How am I mean? I am happy that my school which I went to is getting something so prestigious why can't she be happy?

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    • She says it to me

    • i read your last sentence you said it was you.

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