What does this sentence mean?

"Former president Bill Clinton took on the role of devoted political spouse with a rousing speech in her support."

If you help me to understand it, i will be very appreciated to you :) i really can't understand this sentence.


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  • Break it down?

    Subject: "Bill Clinton"
    Verb: took or "took on"
    Object: role or "the role"

    Bill Clinton took on the role

    Prepositional phrases acting as modifiers:
    of devoted political spouse
    with a rousing speech
    in her support

    What role did he take on?
    devoted political spouse.

    How did he assume this role?
    with a rousing political speech.

    How did this show his devotion as a political spouse?
    the speech was in her support.

    Does that help?

    • Oh thank you ! I understand this sentence complately !
      😊😊😊 It really helped me a lot

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    • This is how I usually deal with difficult sentences, for future reference. :)

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • Former president Bill Clinton helped support his wife's presidential campaign by giving an inspiring speech about her.

    The "political spouse" part means that the politician's wife or husband is expected to support them. In this case it's funny because he was the president and she was the political spouse, but now he's the political spouse helping her run for president.

  • He was being a good husband and supported her by giving an amazing speech.


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  • Basically he supported her with a rousing speech.. One of some nonsense politic sentences