I'm crying my eyes out because I failed my drivers license test plex help?

So I'm 18 I took the written test a couple weeks ago and failed fast farwsrd to today I retook it and passed but I failed the parallel parking test because the lady said that my back tire was too close to the cone and too far back I can't stop crying because I want to get my license so bad and before school I feel sad and I can't stop crying please what can I do to make sure I pass next time


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  • I've been driving for a year now. On my first practical test, I failed on one thing - I was too far from the curb in parallel park (which I despute even now). I had to wait 5 months before I could re-take. It is the worst feeling, I know.
    But you will pass, and I wish you the best of luck. Next time, if you get parallel park again, try not to get flustered and think clearly. My advice can only be keep calm and carry on, I'm afraid. Just practise, and next time you'll pass. And when you do, it'll be an even better feeling.
    Hope that eased the sadness somewhat, I know how you feel.
    You can do it and best of luck :)

    • Thank you so much that really did help it just really sucks

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    • Dang that sounds like it wasn't even fair either the lady told me wrong directions from the start I was pissef

    • Yeah damn. But, chin up. You'll do fine :)

  • Dont feel defeated that you would reduce to tears. Take it as an experience and learn from your mistakes, listen to what was the critique and focus your mind into learning. its for your own good


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