Should I stay in CT with my grandmother and finish school or move to Georgia with my family and see what awaits me there?

I am an upcoming senior in high school, and my family (Mom, fiance, sister) is being relocated to Georgia (Army stuff), meaning in the next 30 days will have to pack all of their things. This is hard because that would mean that if I were to go with them, I'd have to start all over. If I stay here, I'll have to continue to stay with my grandmother, but alone.
The two of us don't have the "best relationship", and she's known throughout the family for being extremely rude and defensive about everyrhing. I lived with her all throughout Junior year, but haven't been alone with her due to my Uncle living with us until recently. Id imagine that we would just keep our distance as we usually do. Whenever things at my grandmothers house gets "crazy" I at least have my family to go and vent to, since they lived only about half an hour away. Now that they are leaving, and I'd have to deal with it by myself. And she's not a danger or anything, just very bipolar and volatile at times, which gets annoying.
The reason why staying is a big deal, is because throughout these 3 years I have slowly started to build all of these connections with people who have all helped me get "further" in school and in work (ex: the person in charge of diversity at my school put me on a $300 college tour for free, and said if I stick by him he'll give me more opportunities like that, such as a chance to win a scholarship. My teachers know me well enough to write me a letter of reccomendation, and a family friend of mine who works for this employment program easily sets me up with jobs of my choice).
If I go to Georgia, all of that would be thrown away, and I'd have to start my senior year with nothing. But my direct family is there.
Some members of my family are saying to just try and get through these few months, and not to disregard everything I've worked towards. Other are saying its not worth it, as Senior year will mean nothing to me in the long run.

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  • Your senior year most definitely matters if you care at all about your future. If there is any chance of you getting a scholarship STAY & the relationships you have built are enough to stay. Technology is great these days use Skype, FaceTime or other apps to see and stay in touch with your family this next year. Your grandma is that way for a reason try to get to know her more maybe she's lonely or troubled find out you'd be surprised. I'm sure she likes having your company more than you could know. Try to find ways to make her smile ( leaving her picked flowers from the yard or thoughtful notes just telling her how much you love and appreciate her ( it will work wonders promise) find something you have in common and use that to break the ice and get closer to her this year. Most of all make this year count cherish the times with friends and your grandma people don't live forever and you have a bright future ahead of you best of luck


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  • hard to say.

  • I'll admit I didn't read the whole thing but why stay in CT? The state is a shithole

    • To see if I can make something out of my senior year from all these connections I have built, whether it be from my teachers, or employers who have helped me a lot through these 3 years and promised to help even more in my last year, rather than going to a random school in Georgia, lsoing all of these connections and being forced to start over.

    • You'll have a better chance there than CT

    • Thanks, you were completely useless.