Why is he avoiding me?

I've know this guy, we were close in the past years. We'd tease each other, and have no problem shouting at each other in a teasing way across the hallways. Whenever we would see each other, we'd smile and start calling each other names we've had for each others.
But now, he avoids me. But constantly stares at me. We've made so many eye contacts whenever we see each other, I don't know what to do. Should I talk to him first? Or does he hate me? I'm scared to talk to him and see what's up because his avoiding makes me anxious.
Sooner or later, I noticed I missed him, and he was constantly on my mind.
Does he hate me? What should I do? Is it over between us?


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  • Maybe he used to have a crush on you but found a different crush? Guys do that a lot. Hell I still do even after 25 years out of high school. If he generally has high standards be glad you were able to hold his attention for as long as you did. It's doubtful he suddenly hates you for no reason and or has completely forgotten about you. We just tend to lose interest after a certain amount of time especially if we've found a new interest.


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